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BioTracker is biometric authentication software  that usescontinuous authentication to verify the identity of a user. By collecting behavioral biometrics (mouse and free-text keystroke movements), BioTracker creates a unique biometric profile for each individual accessing the network. This powerful application can authenticate users in real-time, offering large organizations unprecedented levels of network security.

Continuous authentication is made possible because of BioTracker’s ability to constantly measure the mouse and free-text keystroke dynamics of a user in a network setting. Rather than authenticating the user only at login, where users are most vulnerable to attack, BioTracker continuously analyzes a users mouse and free-text keystroke dynamics throughout the entire session.

To secure a network nowadays, large organizations  need more than a two-factor authentication solution, they need authentication software that continuously collects behavioral biometrics in real time. To ensure each user is who they claim to be, BioTracker builds and analyzes a unique behavioral biometric profile and stores it on the server. The proprietary software algorithms behind BioTracker are constantly verifying that each individual user on the network is legitimate. If an account is hacked, the system will immediately recognize the threat and notify the network administrator; genuine identity protection is ensured with this cutting-edge continuous authentication solution.




BioTracker is implemented as a client/server software, with two different types of clients: application-based and web-based clients. Application-based client can be used to monitor individual workstations or virtual machines (in the cloud), while web-based clients are plug-ins used to monitor websites. The client module is responsible formouse movement and keystroke data collection. This data is sent to the server software, which is in charge of analyzing the behavioral biometrics and computing a biometric profile. The computed profile is then submitted to a behavior comparison unit, which checks it against the stored profiles.


The system is administered using a simple, web-based user interface (UI). Since networks in large organizations typically have thousands of users, BioTracker makes it simple to continuously monitor network activity. Daily reports and other features make it straightforward to track network activity on a daily basis.


The beauty of BioTracker is that it’s purely a software-based solution. No expensive hardware is required and there is very little involvement needed from the end user.  This comprehensive network security solution has a low TCO and can be customized to meet the needs of any organization.

BioTracker can be used for different monitoring scenarios, including the following:

1. Online Banking/E-Commerce Fraud Monitoring

2. E-Learning Fraud Monitoring

3. Online Gaming/Gambling Fraud Monitoring

4. Computer Threat Monitoring