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pluripassOur most precious personal information is transferred and stored throughout the online world; credit card numbers, cell phone numbers, bank account information, etc. Yet, a customer’s only real protection is a static username and password. PluriPass, a breakthrough biometric software application, solves this problem by measuring keystroke biometrics to validate a user’s identity during website login. By measuring individual keystroke biometrics during login to an online portal, PluriPass ensures that only the genuine user is able to gain access. With the PluriPass biometric software, users login as they normally would, while the software analyzes their keystroke biometrics against their regular behavioral biometric profile.

Any e-business, online bank, e-commerce site or other similar type of website can benefit from the protection that only biometric authentication can provide. PluriPass makes genuine identity protection a reality in the online world. The beauty of behavioral biometric software like PluriPass is that there is no need to purchase hardware, making it simple and seamless for any business to add a biometric identification solution without spending a fortune.

This simple software solution requires little involvement from the end user and is web-based. No hardware, complex training, or sophistication is required. It integrates directly with your current password-based authentication scheme. Initially, the user simply needs to enroll in the system by typing their username and password  a number of times. From there, the biometrics information is captured and processed to create a unique biometric profile for each user based solely on their keystroke biometrics. Each subsequent time the user logs in, they will be authenticated against their biometric profile, stored on the server, to ensure their identity is genuine. In this way, the power of keystroke biometrics is leveraged to ensure that only the authentic user can gain access to their account, thus preventing fraud and account sharing right at the login page.

PluriPass puts the power to verify users back in the hands of e-businesses. Keystroke sniffers, phishing attacks, and other nefarious tactics are rendered obsolete with this breakthrough application that takes two-factor authentication to a whole new level.