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Hacking incidents have started becoming commonplace. Unfortunately, we have started seeing a troubling pattern where regular news reports on hacking incidents targeting high profile institutions and corporations have become commonplace. The main questions arising after all these hacking incidents, are “how did this happen” and “how can we prevent similar attacks from succeeding in the future”. However, deploying strong protection mechanisms and tools around and within your security perimeter is not enough to withstand the current threat environment.

Plurilock provides two types of services to help organizations strengthen their security:

  • Threat assessment and mitigation: This service consists of studying and probing your existing security policies and protection mechanisms, identifying potential weaknesses and proposing suitable mitigation solutions to strengthen security within and around your network. Our assessment services include overall penetration testing for your entire network and application penetration testing for your website.

  • Intrusion incident analysis and forensics investigation: This service is valuable if your organization is attacked. Plurilock provides strong expertise with incident investigations, attack scenarios reconstruction, vulnerability assessments, malware analysis, and the development of new defensive security solutions.

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