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Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Network Security

Network security and data protection are now some of the biggest issues facing organizations. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, or a branch of government, you know that these data and IT security threats present major risks and could trigger massive liabilities.

It is estimated that 70% of financial loss due to security breaches is a result of insider attacks. These network security breaches cause billions in damages every year.

Plurilock brings the next generation of network security to organizations in the public and private sector. BioTracker, a new biometric authentication application, gives organizations complete oversight of any activity occurring within the network by using continuous authentication technology. When an unauthorized user gains access to the network, the biometric identification software can recognize it right away. User identity is verified without violating any privacy concerns as what is collected and processed is how a person interacts with the computer, not what they are doing on the device.

Web Authentication

Whether you run a standalone e-business, use the world of e-commerce to drive sales to your bricks-and-mortar location, or simply use the web as a portal to connect with your customers, you can appreciate the importance website security plays in keeping your business running.

That is why Plurilock has developed PluriPass, a cutting-edge biometric authentication solution to secure the online environment. PluriPass authenticates a user’s identity during login to an online platform by measuring their keystroke dynamics. PluriPass allows the capture of keystroke dynamic biometric samples from a web login area and the verification, both securely and privately, of the captured samples against stored biometric templates. With this product, each individual is assigned with their own unique signature. At login, this signature is verified. Therefore, only the actual user can login to the account. That’s the power of biometrics authentication.

Our web authentication product can greatly increase online security for the following types of e-business uses:

SaaS (software as a service) Companies – if you’re a SaaS company, your revenues depend directly on the number of users logging into the application. Account sharing and other abuses of company policy costs you money. PluriPass can be used as a biometric authentication tool to validate the user at the point of login, making it next to impossible for account sharing to occur.

Banks – nowhere in the online world is it more important to protect a customer’s account integrity than banking websites. For banking institutions offering online banking to customers, PluriPass can be used to validate the online customer by using behavioral biometrics at the point of login. With PluriPass, phishing, pharming and keystroke logging threats are virtually eliminated thanks to this powerful biometric authentication software.

E-Commerce Companies – As a website that people rely on to process important transactions, account integrity is critical for e-commerce websites. If your e-commerce site stores sensitive customer data, such as credit card information, then PluriPass can be used to ensure that only real users have access to that information. Biometric identification based on behavioral biometrics is a user-friendly, transparent way to increase website security and reduce fraud.

Whatever type of e-business you run, it is essential to implement a two-factor or multi-factor authentication scheme to protect both your company and users. At Plurilock, we are helping to secure the new digital era with innovative biometric identification software.

E-learning Security

One of the key concerns in e-learning is illegal password sharing and cheating which are serious threats to academic integrity. Our cutting-edge biometric solutions (PluriPass, BioTracker) build your  trust in the identity of your test takers by preventing passwords sharing.

These different applications can be acquired and deployed separately, or through the ExamShield platform designed specifically for online exam security.

ExamShield is an innovative online exam proctoring portal which allows institutions to organize exams for a remote body of students while preserving the highest level of academic integrity. Through the portal, instructors can create, schedule, and mark exams. Students can view their exams schedule, take an exam, and view their grades. Exam invigilators can monitor an exam in real-time and communicate with students using built-in video streaming and biometric authentication tools.