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Data Security for Professional

For professionals in today’s globalized world, mobility is essential. Whether you are at home, on the road, or in the office, your computer acts as the gateway to the essential data and information that lets you do your job.

The problem is that the data stored on your computer could also be very valuable to hackers or thieves if they were to get their hands on it. Two major threats related to data theft can lead to undesirable consequences, include:

  • Laptop Theft – In the event your laptop or PC is lost or stolen, your valuable data may easily be extracted and misused (read more about this here)
  • Identity Theft – Hackers may access your computer remotely to steal your private data and personal information

To counter these threats Plurilock has created PluriID, a  product that gives comprehensive PC and laptop security to anyone who needs to secure themselves against data theft and identity theft.

Cost-effective, easy-to-install and unobtrusive, this product will give you constant peace of mind wherever you go. It offers comprehensive password protection, helping to ensure that only you can access your laptop or PC, wherever you are. If your laptop is stolen, or someone tries to hack your PC remotely, the PluriID OTP token will secure access to your computer and data.

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