"Invisible" second-factor authentication for Web Apps

Get frictionless second-factor authentication without frustrating your users by making them fumble for a dongle or reach for their smartphone.

Protect any application against unauthorized access

BioTracker learns the way a user types in their password and uses it to protect their account.

If your web application has a login page, then BioTracker's frictionless, non-intrusive, second-factor authentication solution can protect it from unauthorized users. Even if the unauthorized user has the password to the account, the way they type in that password will automatically expose them as an intruder.

Use artificial intelligence to authenticate your users

BioTracker uses artificial intelligence to build a behavioral biometric profile on the user, by tracking the way they type in their password. It normally takes a few user logins to learn how they type their password, after which, BioTracker starts protecting your application.

The end user is unaware that BioTracker is running, making it a frictionless, non-intrusive, second-factor authentication solution.

Simple to integrate into any website

By inserting a simple piece of JavaScript into your web page, you start to protect your application against unauthorized users, without adding inconvenience to your end users.

You have full control of the logic using our JavaScript and APIs. You can decide how to handle the different use cases based on your organization business needs.

Invisible link in your authentication chain

You get to decide what happens when the way someone enters their password seems suspicious.

When the password is correct, but the biometrics don't match, you have options:
  • Send the user to another form of authentication
  • Challenge them to re-enter the password
  • Stop them from entering
  • Log the event in the background for forensics

BioTracker provides you with a frictionless, non-intrusive second-factor authentication solution that is user-friendly, while meeting the needs of multi-factor authentication regulations.

Track, view, and monitor usage in real-time

You can see your users and authentication logs, manage your system, and configure system behavior from the BioTracker admin console

Regulatory compliance without user frustration

Implement second or third-factor authentication for your users without inconveniencing them, while meeting compliance standard such as HIPAA, NIST, SOX, and other cyber-security regulations

Flexible deployment options

Deploy BioTracker on-premise or let us host it for you. Our technology is flexible and allows for both SaaS or local deployment

Made for your industry's needs

Government & Military icon

Government & Military

Continuous authentication that cannot be faked or stolen.

Critical <br>Infrastructure icon


Task attribution for regulated industries.

Banking & Financial Services icon

Banking & Financial Services

Multi-factor authentication invisible to end users.

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Protect health data and meet HIPAA requirements with Proof of Presence.

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