Continuous Authentication for Endpoint Protection

BioTracker is a tool that continuously authenticates your end users without them having to do more than their day-to-day work. By monitoring the way they type on their keyboard or use the mouse, we can accurately detect if someone else is using a workstation that was left unlocked or has remotely taken over the machine.

Protect your PC or Mac against Threat Actors

Whether you have a PC or a Mac, BioTracker continuously monitors the way you type or use the mouse (not what you type or what you click on) and keeps your desktop or laptop protected by constantly ensuring it’s you who is on the workstation and not someone who has taken over your machine.

BioTracker can learn your typing style in as little as 30 minutes of regular use and can then start protecting your workstation.

BioTracker can protect your organization against account take-overs, shared or stolen credentials, rubber ducky and similar automated threats, remote trojans, and user carelessness.

BioTracker uses behavioral biometrics and artificial intelligence to enhance security, and provide visibility into the workplace. Watch the video to learn how it works.

Decide what to do when a threat is detected

Once a possible intrusion is detected, you get to control what happens:
  • Log the user out and have them re-authenticate
  • Warn and allow the user to indicate that this is a false alarm
  • Alert the administrator of the possible intrusion
  • Take preventative actions silently (such as reducing network permissions)
  • Log the data in the background for later forensics

Control System Sensitivity

You decide how strict the system should be when deciding if the user is actually the authorized user.

BioTracker is highly configurable, and sensitivity levels can be set for different groups of users. Decide what to do for each group, the risk level for each user, and then use all this information to decide how to act.

Detect threats in seconds, not days.

Using Artificial Intelligence to learn your behavior

BioTracker uses artificial intelligence to build a behavioral biometric profile on the end user by tracking the way they use their keyboard and mouse. It takes less than a day of regular usage to learn the way the user types on the keyboard, after which, BioTracker starts protecting the workstation.

BioTracker doesn't stop learning after the initial enrollment. Human nature and behavior has a natural variance over time, which is why BioTracker constantly learns these variances. It even allows false alarms to be flagged to force the variant behavior to be included in the user profile.

Group users into different risk levels

Your end users are not one-size fits all. BioTracker allows you to choose how to protect each user by placing them into a risk-level group based on their access to sensitive information or over-all privileges on your infrastructure.

You get to decide the settings for each group:
  • The sensitivity of the matching algorithim
  • Whether to track keyboard, mouse, or both
  • What to do when an intrusion is detected
  • What mitigation options you prefer to balance between security and user experience within your organization.

Frictionless Second or Third-Factor authentication

You can now provide a continuous second or third-factor authentication for your infrastructure without inconveniencing your users. BioTracker can be installed silently and remotely. You get to decide if the agent visible to the end user.

BioTracker silently provides identity assurance as the end users go about their daily work, without any effort from the users or administrators.

Scaleable SaaS or on-premise deployments

Using a micro-services architecture and secure API's, each BioTracker module is scalable and can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud. You can host it yourself or let us host it for you. It's your choice, as our technology is flexible and allows for both modes of deployment.

Track, view, and monitor usage in real-time

You can see your users and authentication logs, manage your system, and configure system behavior from the BioTracker admin console.

Mitigate against threats

By using BioTracker, you are protecting your network against account take over (ATO), password sharing, remote hacking, and seat sharing schemes.

Regulatory Compliance without user frustration

Implement second or third-factor authentication for your users without inconveniencing them, while meeting compliance standard such HIPAA, NIST, SOX, and other cyber-security regulations.

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Government & Military

Continuous authentication that cannot be faked or stolen.

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Critical Infrastructure

Task attribution for regulated industries.

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Banking & Financial Services

Multi-factor authentication invisible to end users.

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Protect health data and meet HIPAA requirements with Proof of Presence.