Invisible Authentication for Healthcare Organizations

Plurilock provides continuous, regulation-friendly multi-factor authentication—
transparently and throughout the workday.


of cybersecurity incidents
in healthcare involve insiders

When well-being is on the line, delays—even for security—aren’t acceptable.

Healthcare organizations struggle with authentication practices. Yet healthcare is also the one industry in which internal actors are the biggest threat to data security.1

Use Plurilock to safeguard personal health information (PHI) at your healthcare organization.

Advanced Protection for Healthcare Computing

Real proof of identity and presence.

Plurilock's advanced authentication stack invisibly identifies actual people—not just their credentials—using micro-patterns in their behavior, environment, and context. It's fingerprint-strong, yet privacy-safe.

True multi-factor authentication.

Plurilock relies on multiple streams of identifying data external to the computer system or mobile device in use—enabling true, regulation-friendly multi-factor authentication rather than compromises.

Authenticate without interruptions.

Plurilock eliminates the need for new, time-consuming steps in MFA-protected logins. Instead, identity factors are verified as users enter their login credentials, and as they go about their regular work.

Continuous, real-time authentication.

User identities are silently checked up to 800 times each workday. If the wrong user starts to use a session—say, because someone forgot to log out—the change is detected and the session is locked.

How It Works

Behavioral Biometric Factors

Plurilock uses behavioral-biometric data, including keystroke patterns, mouse movement tendencies, and touchscreen behavior, to identify users. No activity or personal information is recorded or stored; instead, AI systems compare current movement patterns for a user with past ones—to catch intruders immediately.

Combined with Environment and Context Data

The analysis of movement micro-patterns is combined with additional data from environmental sources, sensors, and network traffic, to ensure not only that it’s the right user, but that they’re in the expected place. The result is bulletproof identity verification that happens transparently.

Correct user, correct login, and correct password.

Even with valid credentials, intruders are spotted and stopped.

Architecture and Deployment

Plurilock can be deployed behind application or Citrix session logins as an MFA solution in authentication workflows, or as a lightweight agent on internal endpoints for full-day, continuous MFA protection. Either way, it’s visible only to administrators.

Ongoing authentication checks and decisions are logged and flagged with risk and certainty levels. Administrators use a backend dashboard to manage policy, view metrics, or feed event data into SIEM systems for integration  existing security infrastructure.

Why It's Privacy-safe

Conventional authenticators like SMS codes, secret identifying questions, and physical biometrics all create privacy and risk issues of their own by storing and transmitting identifying data. Plurilock, on the other hand, analyzes tiny patterns in ambient behavior, environment, and context data.

The data is numeric, constantly evolving, contains no personal information, and can’t be used to identify real individuals—even if lost or stolen.


Use Cases

Whether due to phishing attacks, data theft, user carelessness or other breaches, once attackers obtain legitimate credentials, they can cause limitless harm and are almost impossible to detect.

With Plurilock, every authorized user is silently matched against a known behavioral, environmental, and contextual profile. Strangers are recognized and excluded—no matter which credentials they’ve stolen.

Multi-factor authentication is there to protect sensitive data, assets, employees, and patients—not to stop care altogether. Yet too often, this is the ultimate result.

Plurilock’s advanced MFA solutions enable strong multi-factor authentication without extra hardware, login steps, interruptions, or memorization, enabling providers to get on with critical work.

More and more healthcare activity is carried out today in cloud-based applications. To stay current, providers and related organizations are struggling with the cloud, too—but concerns about privacy and data theft are real.

With Plurilock, the weakest link—online authentication prompts—recognize actual intended users, not just credentials. Everyone else blocked in real time. For in-house online applications, continuous authentication for cloud apps offers maximum protection.

When busy providers and employees secretly share licenses, logins, or passwords, they may get work done faster, but at the expense of security and significant legal risk.

Plurilock recognizes only the authorized individual—not a set of credentials—stopping account sharing dead in its tracks. But because Plurilock works invisibly, and in real time, users no longer hesitate to log into their own accounts for everyday work.

Internal bad actors, a significant risk in healthcare organizations, use legitimate employees’ credentials or workstations for criminal activity. In the world of healthcare, the results can be devastating to organizations.

Because Plurilock recognizes actual human beings and not just credentials, neither inadvertent nor malicious privilege elevations are possible, leaving insiders no way to engage in illicit activity.

Even the most conscientious users make mistakes with credentials or sessions, writing notes to remember passwords or stepping away from workstations at critical moments without first logging out.

Plurilock ensures that these momentary lapses don’t represent a catastrophic risk. Lost credentials and abandoned workstations no longer mean unguarded access. Bad actors are unable to make use of them.

Deploy advanced MFA at your healthcare organization today.

Achieve Standards Compliance Sensibly


Exceed HIPAA / HITECH requirements by deploying Plurilock's advanced or continuous continuous multi-factor authentication solutions.

NIST SP 800-53

Adhere to the detailed access control, identification, and authentication standards outlined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Have Questions?

No. Plurilock analyzes the way that they move—characteristic times and patterns between and during keystrokes and gestures—rather than what they type or do. The data is numeric, yet highly individual, and it is this data Plurilock’s tools analyze—not the content of typing or other activity.

Plurilock’s authentication technology is lightweight,
using far less than 1% of any system
resource, including memory or CPU cycles, on
any modern endpoint or computing device.

It’s easy. Our web solutions rely on HTML5+JS and our concise API. Our other solutions support common centralized admin tools.

No. Plurilock analyzes the way that computing tasks are carried out—characteristic patterns in speed, mouse acceleration,
movement angles, and actuation timings— not what users do as they interact with their mouse or touchscreen.

Profile data is encrypted for transmission and for storage in a secure central database. A key Plurilock advantage is that even if somehow lost to the wild, stolen profile data cannot be used to reconstruct a user’s real-world identity, or to impersonate the user’s identity profile in order to gain illicit access

No. Recorded activity does not have the same micro-variations over time that real humans exhibit. Recorded movements are not recognized as being authentic input from the intended user, and are detected and blocked.

When behavior changes significantly, initial authentication failures may result. Either step-up authentication or manual action is used to provide access in these cases, causing a “false positive” signal is sent to Plurilock’s machine learning algorithms, which then begin to learn the “new” interaction style. The user profile is updated accordingly, and
transparent authentication then returns.

1.Verizon Protected Health Information Data Breach Report, 2018,

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Plurilock is the leader in advanced, risk-based authentication. We provide invisible, device-free MFA for corporate endpoints, Citrix sessions, cloud applications, and their users in finance, healthcare, education, and SaaS.



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