Secure your client endpoints.

Password? Intrusive 2FA? Not good enough.

Typical MSP authentication methods require intrusive extra steps, yet identify a user only as they’re logging in. Then, the door is wide open—whether that user remains in control or not.

BioTracker uses behavioral biometrics to offer MSP clients continuous, invisible authentication—every three to five seconds—based on patterns in their keyboard and mouse activity.

Secure your clients using behavioral biometrics.

Whether you’re looking for a low-friction way to get into the security game or you’re out to enhance your existing MSP offerings, get ready to stand apart from the competition.

With BioTracker you’ll sell a low-cost, easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy UBA and EDR solution. It’s always on, is invisible to users, and relies on patented, cutting-edge machine learning technology.

Provide no-hassle, continuous authentication and logs.

Search, retrieve, and act by login, device, risk level, administrative group, outcome, or time frame. 
Watch the AI engine continually process activity to identify users—and anomalies—in real time.

Solve key problems for you and your clients.

MSP resource conflicts avoided.

More security, less frustration.

End the conflicts between security, client productivity, and your own resources.

MSP-ready reporting and attribution.

Bulletproof activity attribution.

Rely on behavioral biometrics AI to continuously identify employees and end-users.

MSP-friendly response times.

Fast endpoint detection and response.

Detect and optionally block threats and anomalies in real time, immediately and automatically.

MSP-friendly deployment.

Rapid, hands-off deployment.

Use managed endpoint installation and configuration tools to eliminate headaches.

MSP-friendly user behavior analytics.

Unmatched user behavior analytics.

Monitor and report on user activity, identity, and threats using powerful dashboard tools.

MSP-friendly payment.

Low cost and high accessibility.

Pay surprisingly low per-user rates, monthly or yearly, using any major credit card.

Straight Talk: Why BioTracker Makes Sense for Your Business


Add security services to your product or enhance your security portfolio.


Configure sensitivity, alert levels, and actions to meet your clients’ needs.


Deliver value and visibility with biometric user behavior reporting.


Add a low-cost, easy-to-manage revenue stream to your business.


Offer an optional upgrade path with our BioTracker Defend product.


Bring it all online quickly and easily, with few touches and minimal fuss.

If you’re an MSP, we’d like to partner with you—
so take a moment to learn more about Plurilock.

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Plurilock delivers preventative, instantaneous, and continuous solutions for workplace authentication and regulatory compliance. Plurilock’s BioTracker software provides invisible authentication for endpoint detection and response (EDR) and behavioral biometrics-based user behavior analytics (UBA). These features enable transparent second-factor authentication and continuous identity verification for financial services and healthcare organizations.



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