Add risk-based, adaptive auth to apps.
No phones, no fobs.
Advanced MFA aaS for online HTML5 + JS.

Get next-generation authentication
for online software.

Strong identity verification.

Authenticate actual identities with behavioral, environmental, and contextual factors.

Lightweight and fast.

Harden your application against identity threats without slowing down user clients or browsers.

Specialized hardware optional.

Achieve the protection of advanced MFA with the hardware you have—no phones, fobs, codes, or tokens needed.

Flexibility included.

If desired, enable step-up authentication by text or app to provide low-touch denial resolution.

Protection for entire sessions.

Confirm identity in real-time, throughout the session, with optional continuous authentication.

Hassle-free deployment.

Deploy with just a few lines of additional HTML code backed by a simple API, to get up and running quickly.

Confirm identities using behavioral factors.

Ambient Light
Network Packets
Network Latency
Time of Day

Plurilock’s adaptive factor stack tracks micro-patterns in behavior that are as unique as fingerprints—without compromising user privacy.

Add risk-based security, not development time.

Deploy by adding simple Javascript resources and brief properties to protected elements.

On the back end, tailor Plurilock to your needs with our concise and easy-to-learn RESTful API.

Invisibly protect entire app workdays.

Integrate Plurilock with your application and protect sessions continuously, across entire workdays.

Invisible, real-time authentication identifies imposters or intruders by their behavior in mere seconds—while legitimate users work without interruptions.

Plurilock is better authentication.

Multiple patents based on cutting-edge scientific research.

Verifies identities up to 20 times a minute as users type or work.

Adaptive authentication that includes behavioral-biometric factors.

Recognizes behavior without compromising user privacy.

Over 30,000 hours of stringent laboratory testing and proofs.

Completely transparent to users until a violation is detected.

Advanced MFA for web apps? With zero hardware hurdles?
No problem. We’d love to demo it for you.

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