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Risk-based. Adaptive. Secure.

Citrix Receiver
Login Prompt
Citrix Storefront
Virtual Desktop

Citrix Receiver
Plurilock’s adaptive endpoint agent runs invisibly in the background in the Citrix HTML5 receiver, using Javascript and a RESTful API.

Login Prompt
Users log in at your existing prompt. As they do, Plurilock analyzes micro-patterns in behavior and context. If the user isn’t recognized, access isn’t granted—even if the credentials are good.

Citrix Storefront
Users that are successfully authenticated can select and start sessions at the Citrix storefront. Meanwhile, you can be confident that each of them actually is who they claim to be.

Virtual Desktop
With Plurilock DEFEND, XenDesktop users are continuously authenticated in real time, all day, as they do their work. If at any point they are no longer recognized, Plurilock takes action.


Secure Citrix infra-structure without extra hardware.

Plurilock recognizes actual people and authenticates accordingly—with no special hardware or workflows.

Confirm identities using behavioral factors.

Ambient Light
Network Packets
Network Latency
Time of Day
Plurilock’s adaptive factor stack tracks micro-patterns in behavior that are as unique as fingerprints—without compromising user privacy.

Stop Citrix
On your
own terms.

Leverage Plurilock’s invisible auth engine to provide additional authentication factors while users complete the login workflows they already know. More comfortable with mobile step-up still in place? It’s optional—but Plurilock can do that, too.

Enable your business with next-generation MFA.

Strong authentication, less frustration.

Sidestep mobile device management, token management, and cumbersome codes.

Low-impact footprint.

Get up and running in minutes—no new apps or hardware, no computing or network resource concerns.

Real identity confirmation.

Know with certainty that the right users, not device or token thieves, are using your Citrix sessions.

Immediate, full-workforce coverage.

Support every device, operating system, and user profile in your Citrix-based organization in one step.

Invisible to your users.

End shortcuts, workarounds, and support issues with transparent multi-factor authentication flows.

Low cost and high accessibility.

Spend less than you would on other, hardware-intensive 2FA or MFA solutions, and pay with your corporate card.

Plurilock provides innovative MFA for Citrix users.

Multiple patents based on cutting-edge scientific research.

Verifies identities up to 20 times a minute as users type or work.

Adaptive authentication that includes behavioral-biometric factors.

Recognizes behavior without compromising user privacy.

Over 30,000 hours of stringent laboratory testing and proofs.

Completely transparent to users until a violation is detected.

Strong MFA for Citrix XenDesktop® with no hurdles?
No problem. We’d love to demo it for you.

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Plurilock is the leader in advanced, risk-based authentication. We provide invisible, device-free MFA for corporate endpoints, Citrix sessions, cloud applications, and their users in finance, healthcare, education, and SaaS.



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