Understanding and securing the human layer in the workplace

Plurilock delivers preventative, instantaneous, and continuous authentication solutions that enable endpoint security and visibility for workplaces.

Most breaches aren't detected for 200+ days, and it takes 90+ days to remediate them. We shorten this to minutes and seconds.

Endpoint Security for the Human Layer

Creates a Unique Behavioral Profile

Our patented behavioral biometrics platform uniquely identifies people by the way they use their keyboard and mouse. In less than a day of enrollment, we build a biometric profile unique to the end user. After the profile is created, we continuously verify that the user is authorized to access the system by checking every 3 - 5 seconds. This process effectively provides continuous authentication using behavioral biometrics. When an intruder is detected, our desktop agent automatically challenges them to re-authenticate, quarantines the threat, or alerts management and security teams in real-time.

Runs Silently in the Background

BioTracker's continuous authentication ingests normal user behavior in the company's environment and uses anomaly detection techniques to determine when a user's behavior becomes suspicious. This is a fundamental shift from traditional technology, which relies on rules and signatures to preconceive potential threats. This avoids the current arms race between attackers and defenders, as Plurilock's BioTracker can stop unknown unknowns.



Have better insight into your user base: know who is doing what, and when. Identify and detect suspicious behavior and credential sharing, while auditing workstation risk. Rest easy knowing you have actionable insights into your system. No surprises.


"Plurilock Security Solutions Inc., is announcing a partnership today with the U.S. Department of Defense aimed at identifying insider threats in government networks using Plurilock's behavioral biometrics software, called BioTracker." – Wall St. Journal

"McConnell's appointment to Plurilock's board follows a long tradition of intelligence officials who have transitioned to the private sector." – SC Magazine

"BioTracker, authentication security software from Plurilock Security Solutions, has been chosen by the military branch's Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM) to provide continual, real-time identity validation services that supplement its Common Access Card (CAC) systems" – eSecurity Planet

"In a strategic move to add more sophisticated cybersecurity protection beyond the standard Common Access Card (CAC), the U.S. Army deal comes on the heels of Plurilock's recent contract with the U.S. Department of Defense's Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx)" – Business Insider

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As featured in

We're getting a lot of attention for making security unobtrusive and more convenient. See our cutting-edge, continuous-authentication technology and use of behavioral biometrics in the news.

Continuous Authentication using Proof of Presence

We provide an additional layer of authentication that continually verifies that the person using the workstation is the person who owns the account.

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Government & Military

Continuous authentication that cannot be faked or stolen.

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Critical   Infrastructure

Task attribution for regulated industries.

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Banking & Financial Services

Multi-factor authentication invisible to end users.

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Protect health data and meet HIPAA requirements with Proof of Presence.