Plurilock delivers preventative, instantaneous, and continuous solutions for insider threats and regulatory compliance.

Continuous Proof of Presence

Continuous real-time prevention

Unsupervised machine learning

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Stop Insider Threats with Artificial Intelligence

Drawing from advanced mathematics, the technology employs a combination of bayesian models, artificial neural networks and k-mean clustering. Plurilock’s system builds user profiles, detects malicious behavior and stops intruders in real-time, securing the enterprise and solving key compliance challenges.

There is no configuration of rules or reliance on signatures for the system to operate. Instead, Plurilock ingests normal user behavior in the context of a company’s environment, and uses anomaly detection techniques to determine when behavior becomes abnormal. This fundamental shift from traditional technology that relies on rules and signatures to preconceive potential threats avoids the current arms race between attackers and defenders, as Plurilock can stop unknown unknowns.

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Our technology solution is suitable for preventing threats before they occur.

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Our patented behavioral biometrics platform uniquely identifies people by the way they use their desktops and mouse. After 20 minutes of enrolment, we build a biometric profile unique to the user. From then on, we continuously verify every 3 – 5 seconds that the user is authorized to access the system. When an intruder is detected, our desktop agent automatically challenges them to re-authenticate, quarantines the threat, or alerts management and security teams in real-time.

How it works

3 - 5 seconds

Frequency of background biometric checks

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