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Pluripass is an anti-fraud solution for web and mobile accessible login screens. Pluripass combines passive behavioral biometrics with cognitive, contextual and network signals in our risk engine to detect and take action on attackers in real-time. Our patented solution captures how users interact with keyboard and or/touchscreens to compute a unique biometric signature for that user.
Biotracker delivers continuous authentication on desktops and websites, based on keyboard and mouse dynamic biometrics. We protect the entire user session against unauthorized access by comparing a users unique behavioral biometric profile against the current user. Protect against password sharing, insider threats and remote access trojans with our patented technology, and without requiring any hardware.

Simple. Secure. Reliable.

The year in hacking
by the number's
$2.9 trillion in insider employee
fraud losses globally per year!
Annual cost per company of successful cyber attacks increased to $20.8 million
1 million new malware threats
released every day of the year!
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Plurilock Names Former Director of NSA to its Board

Simple & Secure Installation

Integrate Plurilock with a single line of code to your web or mobile app. Within minutes of installation you'll be secured against any threats.

Easy to Use

Plurilock is easily installed in your system and integrates directly with your current password-based authentication scheme. It requires no hardware, no training, and little involvement on your part.

Security You Can Trust

Keystroke sniffers, phishing attacks, and other nefarious tactics are rendered obsolete with Plurilock. We eliminate threats and proactively secure your network, so you can sleep at night and so can the people who use your system.

Securing Privileged Accounts

Have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are protecting your privileged accounts, and your organization, with advanced identity-verification software.

Adaptive Security

Protect your system from unwanted hackers and malicious insiders. Our real-time risk engine responds to threats as they happen, providing proportional responses based on threat levels.

Versatile Authentication Methods

Authentication methods that work in conjunction with PLURIPASS and BIOTRACKER keystroke biometrics verification include passwords, software and hardware tokens, fingerprints, facial recognition, and security questions.