Plurilock DEFEND.
Authenticate users invisibly.
800 times a day.

Smooth access for the right users.
No access for anyone else.

DEFEND stops illicit use immediately—without bothering authorized users.

Plurilock’s unique stack of invisible authentication factors identifies actual people as they work, not just their logins and passwords, all day long. When a stranger or a script appears—pre-session or mid-session—access is ended. Just like that.

Remote Access Trojans


Inside and Outside Threats


Scripts and USB Attacks


Credential Sharing


Continuous multi-factor authentication.

DEFEND is strong, invisible, and always on.

Protect corporate endpoints, HTML5 + JS applications, and Citrix VDI sessions transparently, as users work. Authentication doesn’t end after login. It’s continuous—and goes on until logout. The moment a user is no longer recognized, they’re gone.

Human identities, not logins and passwords.

Ambient Light
Network Packets
Network Latency
Time of Day

Plurilock’s adaptive factor stack tracks micro-patterns in behavior that are as unique as fingerprints—without compromising user privacy.

Granular and configurable identity scoring and lockdowns.

Reauthorize invisibly, 20 times a minute, without a false positivies or IT overhead.

High score

When a check returns a high score, the result is logged, the user is reauthorized, and work continues uninterrupted.

Medium score

When a check returns a medium score, DEFEND can log, ping a SIEM, notify, or take other actions you configure. False positive? Mark it. DEFEND's AI learns as it goes using your decisions.

Low score

When a check returns a low score, the right user is no longer present. DEFEND takes action, closing the session, prompting for a hard step-up, or taking other steps you've defined.

Minimal IT overhead means fewer headaches.


Invisible to authorized users.

Plurilock's lightweight endpoint, Javascript, and Citrix-ADFS agents are lightweight and transparent.


Centralized deployment, RESTful development.

Use GPO, SCCM, RMM, or MSI for corporate endpoint deployment and a simple RESTful API for the rest.


Autonomous threat response.

Detects and responds to unauthorized use at machine speeds, eliminating admin-busy lag.


Continuous refinement with machine learning.

Learns over time from decisions, eliminating the need for endless, frustrating policy and threshold tweaks.

Continuous, all-day, human-centric authentication.
Not just a couple of fob checks.

DEFEND authorizes people—not just their credentials—to spot unknown users and scripts in seconds. Then, it takes immediate action, on terms you control, to remedy the situation and stop any undesired access. All day long.

Behavioral Identity Factors
Continuous Authentication
Mobile Step-Up Capability
Policy Engine
Auth Events Daily
Transparent to Users
Required Hardware
 Behavioral Identity Factors
 Continuous Endpoint Visibility
 Mobile Step-Up Capability
 Policy Engine
600–800 Identity Checks Daily
YesTransparent to Users
NoneNo Hardware Required
 Behavioral Identity Factors
 Continuous Endpoint Visibility
 Mobile Step-Up Capability
 Policy Engine
1–2 Identity Checks Daily
Not Transparent to Users
USB Fob Required
 Behavioral Identity Factors
 Continuous Endpoint Visibility
 Mobile Step-Up Capability
 Policy Engine
1–2 Identity Checks Daily
Not Transparent to Users
Phone Required
 Behavioral Identity Factors
 Continuous Authentication
 Mobile Step-Up Capability
 Policy Engine
600–800 Auth Events Daily
YesTransparent to Users
NoneNo Hardware Required

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Plurilock is the leader in advanced, risk-based authentication. We provide invisible, device-free MFA for corporate endpoints, Citrix sessions, cloud applications, and their users in finance, healthcare, education, and SaaS.



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