Full-day, real-time identity—
without extra hardware.

Plurilock DEFEND

The Problem

Who's really using that session?

The world spends a lot of time locking down logins. Yet almost no time is spent confirming identity once the login flow finishes.

Password policies, OTP MFA, company-wide SSO—all of it guarantees identity only during the first moments of work. After that? A session can be open for days before the next check.

The result? Intercepted sessions. Access with stolen devices. Unauthorized subcontracting. Insider threats.

Isn't there a better way?

the solution

Plurilock DEFEND confirms identity all day long.

Full-session protection.

Know who's computing not just at login time but whenever work is happening on an open session, morning, midday, or afternoon.

Real-time identity.

Confirm a user's identity continuously, every 3-5 seconds, for the duration of open session work—no gaps or uncertainty.

No new hardware.

Preserve a full-day identity trail with the standard keyboards and pointing devices already deployed—no devices to buy.

Full non-repudiation.

Know not just which account is responsible for key actions and events, but which human being is responsible, regardless of the account used.

Legacy compatibility.

Protect legacy applications and systems with additional-factor authentication—without custom development or budget-busting upgrades.

Invisible to users.

Add total identity awareness invisibly, without new tools, workflows, steps, or other hindrances to everyday work activity.

How it Works

Patented behavioral biometrics. Invisible identity confirmation.

Plurilock DEFEND relies on patented behavioral biometrics and machine learning technology to recognize users simply by the way they work—never what they are working on.

When user mouse movement and keystroke cadence matches their usual behavior, logs reflect little or no risk.

As keyboard and pointer movements begin to seem unusual for the user, medium risk events are logged.

When a configurable risk threshold is crossed, DEFEND acts rapidly to log an identity mismatch or close the session.

Keyboard and pointer motion is analyzed as work occurs. When movements don't match a worker's usual patterns, DEFEND takes action.

Why It's Different

True continuous authentication.

Many continuous solutions authenticate only at predefined times or in connection with predefined events. Others aren't strong authentication—they guarantee the presence of a device, not of an actual user.

Plurilock DEFEND authenticates continuously, all day long. It confirms the presence of a user—not just a thing.

Why It's Compliant

Privacy-friendly technology.

Most behavioral authentication solutions confirm identity with activity— applications in use, links clicked, text entered, interactions with contacts, and other similar identifying details that compromise privacy.

Plurilock DEFEND confirms identity by analyzing simple keyboard and pointer motion, not activity—so it's privacy safe.

Where It Works

Broad compatibility. Environment-level deployment.

Windows endpoints.
Mac OS endpoints.
VDI sessions.

Identity Without Friction

Invisible login MFA. Continuous authentication.

Recognize your users without SMS, OTP, hard tokens, or devices. SAML, OIDC, and ADFS ready.