Reference Materials and Resources

Guidance and Recommendations

Is multi-factor authentication always good for privacy? See why it isn't, and which strategies make the grade.
Summary of authentication recommendations from major standards bodies, plus Plurilock’s own recommendations.
Detailed Plurilock recommendations for password policies, along with the reasoning behind them.
Our recommendations for when to deploy behavioral-biometric solutions for maximum effectiveness.

Product Information

The state of authentication today—and why you need Plurilock products.
Quick, visual summaries of Plurilock value, use cases, architecture, and typical clients.
Plurilock enables your clients to deploy strong Citrix MFA without training or new hardware.
Plurilock products designed for banks and financials: What they are and how they work.
Learn more about Plurilock Advanced MFA and Plurilock ADAPT, AWARE, and DEFEND.
How Plurilock helped a mid-market manufacturer to secure its systems rapidly.
The definitive guide to behavioral biometrics, a core Plurilock technology.

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Plurilock is the leader in advanced, risk-based authentication. We provide invisible, device-free MFA for corporate endpoints, Citrix sessions, cloud applications, and their users in finance, healthcare, education, and SaaS.



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