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Do Plurilock products still work if users rely on password managers to enter their credentials?

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Yes and no· Some Plurilock products work with password managers, while all Plurilock products make password managers far less necessary. Because Plurilock's continuous authentication products analyze patterns in behavior throughout the course of the workday, they are unaffected by the use of password managers. Plurilock's login authentication products, on the other hand, are affected by the use of password managers—since they rely for identification on the way in which users enter their credentials, this identification does fails when users enter their credentials using automation tools.¶On the other hand, the addition of Plurilock as a strong MFA identity factor means that the arcane password “rules” that make password both difficult to remember and difficult to type can be relaxed, making password managers less necessary. In general, users prefer to type simpler, human-readable, more stable passwords themselves rather than being forced to use clumsy applications to remember complex, non-human-readable passwords that change frequently.¶Plurilock can thus be seen as a way to relieve users of the need to rely on password managers for a particular login prompt or service.

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Plurilock is the leader in advanced, risk-based authentication. We provide invisible, device-free MFA for corporate endpoints, Citrix sessions, cloud applications, and their users in finance, healthcare, education, and SaaS.



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