Behavioral Biometrics

Behavioral Biometrics History, Applications, and Technology​

Considerations in Applicability

When deploying behavioral biometrics solutions, note the following caveats for environment and interaction design

Behavioral Biometrics: Chapter 4
Behavioral Biometrics: Insufficient Interaction


Behavioral biometrics enables authentication based on unique user behavior profiles. These are initialized when users engage with and use secured systems. In rare cases, however, exceptionally infrequent or irregular use may slow profile creation.

Users that interact with secured systems briefly and only once or twice per year, for example, may produce very little behavioral data.

In these cases, alternate authentication methods must be used until sufficient data about the user’s behavior can be gathered to enable behavioral-biometric identification.


Thanks to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, GDPR1 and similar regulations, and rising press coverage, concerns about user privacy have become key policy concerns. For similar reasons, fraud prevention measures that definitively identify users before granting access to data are becoming increasingly essential.Plurilock’s behavioral biometrics solutions meet both of these needs, without requiring complex workarounds or exceptions.
Behavioral Biometrics: Security and Privacy

Plurilock profiles consist of data used only to match real-time behavior to a profile of past behavior—data that, if found elsewhere, could not be tied to any real person.

What users do is not stored; only patterns of microbehavior (how keys were pressed, how mice were moved) are represented in each profile.

Privacy is a Cornerstone of Plurilock's Technology.

Plurilock only knows the way users type and move the mouse, not what they type or click on

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