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    Stop Threats in Seconds with BioTracker Defend

    Invisible Authentication for Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

    Protect workplace digital identity against threats

    BioTracker can learn your typing style in as little as 30-minutes of regular use and then provides continuous authentication for endpoint protection.

    By measuring users keystrokes and mouse dynamics, we can accurately detect if someone else is using a workstation that was left unlocked or has remotely taken over the machine. BioTracker continuously authenticates end users on the endpoint. BioTracker can protect your organization against account take-overs, shared or stolen credentials, rubber ducky and similar automated threats, remote trojans, and user carelessness.

    Insider Threats


    Remote Access Trojan


    Advanced Persistent Threats


    Stolen or Shared Credentials

    Frictionless multi-factor Authentication

    Silently Authenticates

    Protect your endpoint and infrastructure without inconveniencing users. BioTracker can be installed silently and remotely, so you can control if the agent is visible to the end user. BioTracker silently provides identity assurance as the end users go about their daily work, without  intervention from users or administrators. 

    Dynamic Identity Scoring

    Up your authorization from a few times a day to every few seconds without hassling users

    High Score

    System receives a high user-identity score. The user matches the profile. ​

    Med-Low Score

    System receives a medium to low user identity score. The user seems suspicious. A priority SIEM alert is autonomously generated and requires additional authentication to step-up to sensitive materials​

    Low Score

    System receives a low user identity score. This is user does not match the profile. The System challenges user, locks machine, and alerts security teams in real-time. ​

    Key features


    Invisible to end users

    Invisible and frictionless, the light-weight endpoint agent runs silently in the background, without interrupting user workflows.


    Deploy Easily

    Easy mass deployments for your endpoints using the most common deployment tools such as GPO, SCCM, RMM, or msi. 


    Autonomous Response

    Detect and respond to threats at machine speed, remove the human from the loop 


    SELF-learning AI

    Self-configuring and learning agent. Get continuous authentication for your endpoint without increasing staff requirements. By deploying active defense for autonomous protection, reduce the time to detect intrusions from months to minutes.

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    Plurilock delivers preventative, instantaneous, and continuous solutions for workplace authentication and regulatory compliance. our software, BioTracker uses sophisticated behavioral biometrics to provide invisible authentication for endpoint detection and response (EDR), and Behavioral-Biometrics based User Behavior Analytics (UBA). Providing invisible second-factor authentication for financial services, as well as continuous authentication for healthcare to prevent identity threats.



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