Proof of Presence for CAC Augmentation

Continuous proof of presence enables government agencies to meet their mission requirements and protect the warfighter with advanced AI authentication solutions that leverage behavioral biometrics, cognitive insights, and contextual telemetry.

Detect & prevent intrusions in real-time

Plurilock's BioTracker end-point agent sits quietly on the user's workstation, monitoring the way they use the keyboard and mouse (not what they type or visit) to continuously ensure they are the owners of the account. If the style of use does not match the registered user's biometric profile, the agent can log out the user and force them to re-authenticate, alert the system administrator of a possible intrusion, take action to quietly reduce the user's permissions, or just log the event for future forensics and attribution.

The system administrator can set the actions, sensitivity levels, user-risk groups, as well as perform forensic and analytical actions on the logs. Events and logs can automatically be sent to SIEM and UBA systems in real-time.

The agent uses artificial intelligence to learn the way a user types and uses the mouse. It builds a profile for the user based on behavioral biometrics, which it uses to provide multi-factor and continuous authentication for the federal government that is frictionless, invisible to the end user, and meets compliance and cyber-security standards.

News Alert

Plurilock awarded two contracts for CAC replacement technology for DISA + US Army NETCOM
"A second group within the Pentagon is experimenting with technology that can track the way employees type, determining within seconds whether a user accessing a network is who they say they are."

Identity Assurance using Behavioral AI

Non-repudiation of end-user activities

Get certainty in who did what by leveraging behavioral biometrics.

Get 2FA for legacy systems

Get second-factor authentication capabilities for legacy systems, meeting compliance requirements and reducing the number of exceptions needed.

Reduce Incident Response Times

React at machine speed, without requiring a security analyst in the loop. Protect critical data and systems by configuring automated responses that match organizational IT policies.

Compliance & Standards

NIST 800-53

BioTracker follows NIST SP 800-53 standards to adhere to the Federal Information Security Management Act.

NIST 800-71

BioTracker follows NIST 800-71 standards for protecting the confidentiality of CUI.