Continuous proof of presence for critical infrastructure

Plurilock helps critical infrastructure organizations meet compliance and cyber-security standards by providing continuous proof of presence for users using behavioral biometrics

Determine who was doing what and when

By analyzing the mouse and keystrokes, Plurilock can identify and attribute actions to registered users of a workstation

Silent authentication

Plurilock’s end-point agent sits quietly on the user’s workstation, monitoring keystrokes and mouse movement (not what they type or visit) to continuously ensure they are authorized users of the workstation.

If the style of use does not match the registered users’ biometric profile, the agent can alert the system administrator of a possible intrusion, take action to reduce the user’s permissions, log out the user and force them to re-authenticate, or just log the event for future forensics and attribution.


Configurable and ubiquitous

The system administrator can set the actions, sensitivity levels, user-risk groups, as well as perform forensic and analytical actions on the logs. Events and logs can automatically be sent to SIEM and UBA systems in real-time. This allows for seamless and continuous proof of presence for critical infrastructure users.


Protect critical infrastructure from cyber attacks

Proof of Presence

Continuously monitor critical workstations to know who the keyboard and mouse actions belong to.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Provide multi-factor authentication (MFA) to your infrastructure without adding more inconvenience to your end users.


Eliminate the “It wasn’t me” excuse. Definitively attribute actions to users by matching the profile of the user to the actions taken.

Real-time detection and prevention

Detect intrusions in real-time by stopping threat actors at a workstation before they can cause any damage.

Continuous Workstation protection

Continuous authentication for workstations using behavioral biometrics and artificial intelligence.

Frictionless Compliance


Meet the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and CIP (Critical Infrastructure Protection) standards for access control.

NIST SP 800-53

Adhere to access control, identification and authentication standards recommended by National Institute of Standards.

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Plurilock is the leader in advanced, risk-based authentication. We provide invisible, device-free MFA for corporate endpoints, Citrix sessions, cloud applications, and their users in finance, healthcare, education, and SaaS.



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