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Why is Plurilock’s MFA solution better than a token-based MFA solution like RSA or YubiKey?

Plurilock authentication is both invisible, more cost-effective, and more secure than MFA that is achieved using hardware tokens.

Under ideal conditions, hardware tokens add an additional step to login workflows that negatively impact user morale and user productivity. They also require the purchase, inventory, mainteneance, distribution, and frequent replacement of token hardware.

In practice, furthermore, ideal conditions are rarely achieved.

Because hardware tokens are both small and fragile, it is comparatively easy for users to lose track of them or damage them, leading to interruptions that compound the cost of lost work with the cost of support team overhead and token replacement and distribution. In the worst case, which is all to common, tokens are stolen. As very small devices that can easily be hidden in a hand or pocket and are difficult to physically secure, a token can be quickly nabbed by any focused malicious actor, and once in the wrong hands, most tokens can be reused by anyone in possession of them.

Plurilock ADAPT, on the other hand, uses behavioral-biometric, environmental, and contextual data in the background to confirm identity in ways that are nearly impossible to steal or impersonate, enabling users to log in with only their username and password in most cases, without the need to perform additional steps. The total solution cost of Plurilock ADAPT is often significantly lower than the total solution cost of hardware-based tokens in the final analysis.

2FA/MFA Rapid Reference

Authentication at a glance

Download the 2FA/MFA Rapid Reference now:

  • 2FA and MFA basics and common solutions
  • The benefits and drawbacks of each
  • Glossary of authentication terms


2FA/MFA Rapid Reference

  • 2FA and MFA basics and common solutions
  • The benefits and drawbacks of each
  • Glossary of authentication terms
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2020 Authentication Guide

Summary of authentication recommendations from major standards bodies, plus Plurilock’s own recommendations.

White Paper: Advanced Authentication

The state of authentication today—and why you need Plurilock products.

Understanding MFA vs. Privacy

Is multi-factor authentication always good for privacy? See why it isn't, and which strategies make the grade.

Behavioral Biometrics Guide

The definitive guide to behavioral biometrics, a core Plurilock technology.

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Plurilock is the leader in advanced, risk-based authentication. We provide invisible, device-free MFA for corporate endpoints, Citrix sessions, cloud applications, and their users in finance, healthcare, education, and SaaS.



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