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    Increase workplace visibility with BioTracker Aware

    Behavioral-Biometrics based User Behavior Analytics (UBA)

    Real-time human endpoint telemetry

    Identifying user anomalies in real-time

    By continually monitoring users’ behavioral signatures, BioTracker Aware is able to quickly identify anomalies from their usual behaviors, providing a risk-score that can be used for taking actions, logging, or attribution purposes. 

    BioTracker Aware is a perfect tool for monitoring workplace efficiency and detecting employee substitution without user friction, while maintaining user privacy.



    Integrate with current systems

    BioTracker Aware is a behavioral-biometrics based User Behavior Analytics (UBA) tool that can work standalone, but is usually integrated directly into other systems for increased insight into your corporate security. 

    Feed directly into SIEM

    BioTracker signals can feed directly into your SIEM to provide you with additional information that can help you make intelligent and more accurate decisions regarding your users, or even better, take direction or indirect actions to mitigate risks in real time.

    Secure without disruption

    Gain better user satisfaction by providing an invisible second factor of authentication that can reduce the need for more intrusive step-up authentication tools. 

    Detect compromised users and lateral movements

    Stolen credentials

    Stolen credentials are often ground zero for breaches and attacks. Plurilock’s behavioral-biometrics based User Behavior Analytics (UBA) product learns a user’s behavior on their workstation via their keyboard and mouse, and uses that profile to accurately detect if someone else is on the workstation using stolen credentials. 

    Insider Threat and Attribution

    Whether intentionally or accidentally, insiders account for a large share of corporate breaches and intrusions, in most cases using another user’s account. BioTracker Aware will recognize the user’s behavior and alert your SIEM or other systems to act.

    When an incident does occur, attribution is key for regulatory purposes. BioTracker Aware, our behavioral-biometrics based user behavior analytics (UBA) allows you to confidently identify that the logged user was the one who initiated any disputed actions. 

    Prioritized alerts

    Because BioTracker Aware, behavioral-biometrics based user behavioral analytics system adds confidence to the credentials of the logged in user continuously, intrusion alerts can be prioritized when BioTracker shows a low confidence score in user activity.



    Take control of your corporate environment by deploying the BioTracker behavioral-biometrics based User Behavior Analytics (UBA) on your own servers. BioTracker Aware is designed to be low maintenance and autonomous and will not add more work to your busy schedule. 


    We take care of the deployment and management of the system for you, all you need to do is deploy your endpoints, and we’ll do the rest. 

    Want to learn more? Schedule a demo.


    BioTracker, Plurilock’s flagship product, provides invisible authentication for endpoint detection and response (EDR), and Behavioral-Biometrics based User Behavior Analytics (UBA). Providing invisible second-factor authentication for financial services, as well as continuous authentication for healthcare to prevent identity threats.



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